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Not everyone can set time out of their day to consistently achieve a natural tan. Between the time constraints and aging side effect of the sun, you may want to look into airbrush tanning. With sunless tanning, our beauty salon will help you reach your tanning goals while fitting time into your busy schedule.

We have many different types of tanning for different types of people. For those looking to do spray tanning, we have an excellent bronze spray tan to cover up all the tan lines. We also have tanning beds for taking time to relax and lay down while achieving your tan. Whether you want to achieve instant color or take some time to lay down, we can be sure to give you the tanning solution that works best for you.

For more information on all of our tanning services, contact our day spa at Three Ways Beautiful Salon & Spa in Gainesville, VA today! We are the only local salon that offers organic spray tanning.